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Damplan 1909

The drawing below is an outline of the 1909 plan for the construction of the east side of the Dam.

At the bottom, parallel to the rim of the map you see the Warmoesstraat up to the Damstraat and further the Nes. Once there were houses in front of the current Krasnapolsky hotel, as is clearly to be seenon this drawing. The Beurs (Stock Exchange) of Zocher, which stood on the gray striped surface, is already torn down. After that the Damrak has got it's current width. Previously, this passage was narrow, as you can see on the picture.

In the gray area, where once the Beurs was situated, they built the Bijenkorf.  




Schets voor het Damplan van B & W 1909

Schets voor het Damplan van B & W 1909